We specialize in developing Brand Strategy, Brand Communications and leading Strategy Workshops.

Position your brand to win with a brand strategy that helps you understand who you are and how to communicate it in a meaningful way. To outshine your competition and win people’s hearts and minds, you need to share an authentic story about who you are and what you’re here to do. Whether you’re a growth-stage startup or an established brand, our brand development services give you the tools you need to attract lifelong customers, align your team, and build a brand that lasts.

01. Brand strategy / Brand Heart

Creating a successful brand that will stand the test of time and secure your market positioning requires a lot more than a well-designed logo. It needs a carefully considered and developed brand strategy: a reason for being which sits at the center of your brand and from which you create experiences and messages that resonate with your audiences. We combine a thorough understanding of your marketplace and your business with our expertise to know when to challenge and to question and remain focused on problem-solving and inspiring positive change.

02. Brand proposition

A successful brand proposition is a promise to your customers that encourages them to connect with you. It’s the promise of what makes you different and better. It must be engaging, relevant, understandable and, above all, consistently delivered. Chaptre’s brand strategy specialists will work with you to identify how your business stands above its competitors and how this can be communicated. We’ll bring the brand to life, capturing insight from your customers and motivating your teams to achieve great things.

03. Brand voice

The age of social means that the written word is king – it’s often the first point of contact that prospects have with you. A brand must have consistency in every message across every touchpoint, for every audience. That’s why defining and detailing your brand voice (language) is an important element of our offering. Through workshops with key stakeholders to shape the written personality of the brand and providing the tools to ensure it’s consistently expressed across written and spoken channels, we can give your brand an authentic and trustworthy voice that will help you connect with more clients.

04. Employee engagement and internal communications

Staff who are truly engaged with their workplace are proven to be happier in their jobs and more productive. What’s more, increased employee engagement has real impact on both turnover and profit levels. Your company’s internal culture is crucial to achieving it, so taking steps to shape and adapt that culture is key. We can help by developing tailored programs to improve employee engagement and communication that deliver tangible change and success.

05. Go-to-market strategy

According to Nielsen, over 85% of new consumer packaged goods fail at launch, leading to damaged brands, bruised egos and balance sheet losses. At Chaptre, we immerse ourselves in your business objectives, and test and explore the concept with target markets and key stakeholders, with an added layer of insight from our brand and strategy team. Our plans take the risk out of service launches, enabling partners to act with confidence and to face and overcome the challenges that innovation can bring.

With more marketing channels and touchpoints than ever before, and the evolution of traditional customer segmentation, choosing the right mix of channels and setting the right level of budget is more complex than ever. We’re skilled at creating successful and impactful marcomms strategies, tailored to each business offering and objective. We provide our clients with integrated strategies that are compelling and achievable.

06. Planning workshops

Even the strongest marketing team can benefit from support with planning, and you can count on us to help you through the process. We run focused workshops with a flexible approach that means they can be pulled together quickly to address specific tactical issues or shaped in close liaison with the client team to meet strategic needs. Whether it’s just a workshop, or it leads to us developing a full plan, our approach ensures that robust planning sets solid foundations.

07. Business modelling

When transforming a business, acquiring a full understanding of the dynamics of the existing business can enable informed decisions to be made. This can increase the chance of achieving the business’s goals. The insight gained can be used to determine the likely impact on performance of any decisions, before they are executed. Anticipated performance can then be evaluated against the business’s goals and the decisions and goals refined if necessary. Performing this exercise before valuable resources are committed reduces risk.

08. Brand naming

Whether it’s creating a new name for an exciting departure, or transforming a brand or business whose moniker is holding it back, our experienced team knows that a name is much more than a badge. We base name creation on deep strategic understanding of current challenges and future opportunities, ensuring that Chaptre brand names fuel business growth.

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